Humorists in Marostica, all the 2020 awards

For the 49th edition of the International Graphics Competition “Humorists in Marostica” with 445 authors from 59 countries
49th International Exhibition of Humorous Graphics

Theme: Kindness

Participating authors:
Participating countries:
From 27 June to 19 July 2020
Lower castle - Marostica (VI)
09.00 - 12.00 / 15.00 - 18.00
Free admission
An innovative virtual tour is available on our Youtube channel

Marostica, 29 April 2020

The jury of the forty-ninth edition of Humorists in Marostica awarded the International Chess Grand Prix 2020 to Fabio Magnasciutti (Italy), the Special Prize >“Marco Sartore” to Romina Carrara (Argentina), the Sandro Carlesso” Special Award to Julio Angel Carrion Cueva (Peru).

Their interpretation of "Kindness", the theme of the prestigious edition, convinced the jury chaired by Sunnber Constantin, who also awarded the International Humorists Award to Marostica with equal merit. Tiziano Gianesini (Italy), Michele Barbon (Italy), Heibat Ahmadi (Iran), Davide Weber (Italy), Marco Spadari (Italy), Flavio Masi and Antonello Mengato (Italy), Toso Borkovic (Serbia), Marlene Pohle (Argentina) , Maria Assunta Toti Buratti (Italy) and Davide Conti (Italy).


The jury's verdict comes after a long selection of 445 authors from 59 countries: a particularly generous edition that marks a milestone for the Marostice Graphic Group, promoter of the historic international humorous graphics competition.

The organization is now working on setting up the exhibition of the 49th edition of Umoristica a Marostica at Castello Inferiore, in addition to the works of the winners, will host a selection of the many works received.

Exhibition opening and inauguration

Due to the continuation of the Coronavirus emergency, it was not possible to set up the traditional exhibition at the Lower Castle with the works of the winners and the 100 selected works. The exhibition, organized by the Marostica Graphic Group in collaboration with the City of Marostica, has only been postponed. In fact, an innovative virtual tour will soon be created which will allow you to visit the ancient rooms of the Castle inhabited by these contemporary works even from afar. The "Humourists in Marostica 2020" exhibition will also boast the works of Constantin Sunnerberg, a refined illustrator of Russian origin but Belgian by adoption, who chaired the jury of this edition as an Author's Exhibition.

“Over a hundred more designers representing a greater number of nations compared to 2018. This edition recorded a great success in participation, confirming the international level of the competition and the effectiveness of the language of humorous graphics to express feelings and ways to be very current” declares the Marostice Graphic Group “The theme of kindness was developed by the designers according to very different nuances, from the most ironic to the most poetic. We also thank the jurors for their excellent work and the Banca Popolare di Marostica – Volksbank Foundation for their renewed support”.

“Humorists in Marostica” is organized by the Marostica Graphic Group in collaboration with the Municipality of Marostica and with the support of Fondazione Banca Popolare di Marostica – Volksbank.

Jury 2020

From Monday 29 April to Thursday 21 May 2020 the work of the Jury of "Humorists in Marostica 2022" took place, composed of: 


Sunnerberg Costantin


 Gatto Alessandro


Giromini Ferruccio


Quaranta Maria Grazia “Gio”


Tich Alessandro


Fondazione Banca Popolare di Marostica – Volksbank


Municipality of Marostica


Gruppo Umoristi a Marostica

Prizes awarded:
International Chessboard Grand Prix

a Fabio Magnasciutti (Italia)

Special prize
"Sandro Carlesso"

a Julio Angel Carrion Cueva (Perù)

Special Prize
"Marco Sartore"

a Romina Carrara (Argentina)

Ten "Humorists in Marostica" awards

Tiziano Gianesini (Italia)


Michele Barbon (Italia)


Heibat Ahmadi (Iran)


Davide Weber (Italia)


Marco Spadari (Italia)


Flavio Masi e Antonello Mnegato(Italia)


Toso Borkovic (Serbia)


Marlene Pohle (Argentina)


Maria Assunta Toti Buratti (Italia)


Davide Conti (Italia)

Humorists in Marostica” is organized by the Gruppo Grafico Marostica in collaboration with the Municipality of Marostica.